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The Story of Me and Robert

(Originally published on Xanga in November 2005)

The Story of Me and Robert

1.) What is your Significant Other’s full name? Robert Morris Kennedy

2.) When did you get married? Well technically this question has two answers.  Legally we got married on May 28 2005.  But as far as most people know, as far as our vows before God go, and as far as our anniversary is concerned, we got married at our wedding on June 4 2005.  See, I found out that my health insurance through my father was going to expire on May 31.  And if we waited until June 4 (our wedding day) to get married, then my health insurance through Rob wouldn’t go into effect until July 1.  Well we didn’t feel comfortable having me go a month without insurance, not to mention the fact that we would be going out of the country for our honeymoon during that time.  So, we did what any logical thinking people would do!  We got married!  We had the same minister that performed our wedding ceremony come over on Sunday afternoon and we were married in a quick, informal, five minute ceremoney.  So Rob was able to get the insurance paperwork done, and by June 1, I was covered!

“I married him for his insurance!”

3.) How long were you together beforehand? Met at the end of May 2004, engaged 6 months later, married 7 months after that.

4.) Where did you meet? Technically we “met” on Yahoo! Personals.  I had been browsing through the ads out of boredom one day and saw a few guys from my area that I thought were cute.  Well, you can’t contact anyone unless you sign up, so I went ahead and created a profile.  Rob swears that he saw me first, but I really think it was me who found him! 

5.) What was your first date like? After emailing back and forth for about a month, we finally decided to have our first “blind” date.  I was cautious though, so I brought along my friends, David and Jenny and we met Robert at Shorty Smalls for dinner.  When I first laid eyes on him, he was sitting on the bench outside the restaurant waiting for us.  He jumped up and gave me a timid hug.  Then we went in and I’ll never forget, when he ordered his steak he said to the waitress, “Just have them wipe it’s butt, spray the bugs off, and throw it on the plate still Mooing.”   lol Then afterward, we went bowling, which is funny because now we seriously refuse to bowl together because Rob’s bowling technique embarrasses the crap out of me ( he DROPS it with an extremely loud THUD and everyone in the bowling alley turns see who’s knocked out).  Funny though cause I never even noticed his “technique” on our first date.

6.) Who made the first move? Well after bowling, we all went back to my house and watched The Ring (and held hands).  My dog embarrassed the crap out of me by humping Rob’s arm.  And he met my mom (which wasn’t a big deal to me but evidently it was to him).  Then later after David and Jenny left, we sat on the couch for about an hour and made out.   (Note: I have NEVER made out on a first date before).  I don’t really remember who made the first official move though.

7.) What was your proposal like? We went out to eat at Carinos and then afterward, we got back into the car and Rob put a blindfold around my head.  So of course then I knew something was up.  Then he drove what seemed like an hour (really only like 15 minutes) and parked and guided me, still blindfolded, through a parking garage, up some stairs, up an elevator, down a hall, and into a windtunnel (so it felt like).  Then I had to stand in the wind tunnel, still blindfolded, for like 20 minutes (not really that long)wondering what in the heck was going on.  Well, when I finally got to take that stinkin’ blindfold off, I saw a candlelit walkway (Rob had to make me wait while he lit all the candles), sorrounded in hundreds of rose petals!  And my darling Robert was down on one knee in the doorway of the balcony (thus the windtunnel) of the Honeymoon Suite of a very snazzy hotel overlooking the Arkansas river, complete with the lights of the city reflecting on the water!  Yep, it looked just like something from “Sleepless in Seattle!Robert recited some pre-rehearsed spill that I don’t remember because I was too busy oogling the ring that he held in his hand.  I said YES and the rest is history!

8.) How long were you engaged? We got engaged in November and were married in June, so seven months.

9.) What were the colors of your wedding? Well my main color was Apple Red but I had a variety of colors in my flowers.

10.) Who did you have in your wedding? My matron of honor was my best friend since the third grade Marie, and Shana, Jenny, and Jenny (yes, two Jennys!) were bridesmaids.  Rob’s best friend Kevin (hubby to one of the Jennys) was the best man and Rob’s brother Joe, stepfather Jerry, and friend Chris were groomsmen.  Rob’s sister’s boyfriends, Chris and Mike were the ushers.

L to R: Shana, me, Jenny K, and Jenny W

(this was taken at my bridal shower..Marie couldn’t be there)

11.) Do you still talk to your bridesmaids/groomsmen? Oh yes!

12.) Where did you go for your honeymoon? We went on a Royal Caribbean cruise on the Explorer of the Seas to Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya and we were supposed to go to Grand Caymen, but it was storming to hard that day for us to get off the ship.

13.) How long did you spend there? 7 days, 6 nights

14.) What did you do? among other things (ahem), we ate, slept, layed out in the sun, swam, drank, ate some more, danced, explored, shopped, and ate!

15.) How long have you been married now? Over 5 Years

16.) Where did you get married? Second Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Arkansas

17.) How many guests attended? Hmm…not sure…I think about 150.

18.) Was it the wedding of your dreams? Yep! It was beautiful and ended with me gaining a wonderful husband! 

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