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Grayden’s Birth Story

(Originally published on Xanga in February 2008)

Sunday, February 17 2008 was my baby shower that was given by my friend Marie at my mom’s house.  We were so blessed with so many gifts and there were so many special people that came.  We pretty much got everything we needed for the baby which was a big relief.  That evening my mom came over and helped me get everything from the shower pretty much put away while Rob put together some of the toys (Exersaucer, etc) that we received.  It was a good thing because…

Picture 022

Picture 008

Picture 003

Picture 012

Picture 011

Picture 021

…at 6:30 the next morning, I was laying in bed after Rob had left to go to work when my water broke.  I felt a pop and within seconds I was soaked from the waist down.  I just layed there for a minute waiting for it to stop coming out.  Then I got up and more gushed out.  It was bad!!  I went and called Rob and told him to come back home because my water had broke.  I don’t think he really believed me.  After all, it was three weeks early and my bags weren’t even packed yet!  After that, I called my mom and told her and then my dad.  I was shaking and pretty much couldn’t believe that the time had come and that I was going to have a baby that day!!  I took a shower and..get this…shaved my legs.  hehe After I got out, I had a really hard time getting dressed because the water was still leaking out like crazy.  I called my mom and was like ‘how am I going to get packed when I am leaking all over the place??’ I was freaking out!  I ended up stuffing a folded up handtowel in my underwear (sorry, TMI!) and hobbled around the house like that while trying to get packed.  It was so hard because my brain was not working and I could not figure out what I needed to take.  I called my mom again and had her name off stuff I needed to take because I just knew I was forgetting stuff!  I was also freaking out because my house was not cleaned like I wanted it to be and I just was NOT ready yet!  But ready or not…he was coming!  Rob and I finally were able to get out of the house around 7:15 or so.  By that time, I was having contractions and the ride to the hospital was pretty uncomfortable.  They were coming about every 2-3 minutes.  Every bump on the way there was miserable!  On the way, I called Medical Exchange and had them page my doctor.  When he called me back, I was like..”What do I do and where do I go??”  He said, “Well sweetie, go to the hospital and I’ll meet you there and we’ll just have us a baby today.”  Like it was no big deal.  Of course it wasn’t to him…but to me, it was HUGE! lol Then I sent text messages to my friends and family to let them know that today was the big day.  Most couldn’t believe it since my shower was just the day before!

When we got to the hospital, Rob pulled up to the front entrance and we ended up just leaving the car parked there while we went up to labor and delivery with our stuff.  When we got up to labor and delivery, they were super fast and had us in a room within minutes.  Then Rob went down to move the car while I got undressed and got hooked up to the monitors.  I was really nervous and was reeeally wanting my mom to hurry up and get there.  I think it was a little after 8 or so when Dr. Keller came in and wanted to check me to see how much I’d progressed.  I can’t remember very well but I think I was only a centimeter or two dilated at the point but like 70% effaced or so.  Not too sure about that.  What I do know though is that when he checked me, I about came off that table.  It hurt so bad!  Then he told me that I couldn’t have my epidural until I was 4 centimeters dilated but that if the pain got too bad that I could have a pain reliever in my IV (forgot what it was called).  He did say to try and hold off on that though.  My mom got there (thank God!) and after an hour or so I think Rob’s mom and sister and my dad, stepmom, and Grandma, and Hal (my stepdad) came.  For the next few hours or so (not 100% sure about the time line on this), I just labored.

Picture 023

(I HATE all of the pictures of me from that day…but oh well.)

The pain really got bad.  I was having pretty much nonstop contractions with no time in between to catch my breath.  So finally I couldn’t take it any more and asked for the shot in my IV.  I got that and was relieved pretty much immediately.  Then they checked me again and I was already to 4, so they went ahead and had the anesthesiologist come in to give me my epidural.  By that time, I was feeling good and drunk.  And feeling no pain!  The anesthesiologist was cute too!  lol  I remember thinking that.  He was explaining to me what all they had to do for the epidural and I was like “I don’t care…just do it.”  He laughed and said that he had to tell me anyway.  I was like ‘well, okay whatever..hurry up.”  When he got ready to do the epidural, they were about to kick everyone except Rob out but I looked at Rob and said “honey, I’m sorry..but I gotta have my mom in here for this.”  Luckily, he understood and so my mom stayed with me while they gave me the epidural.  It was funny because I was leaning forward against my mom while they were doing they epidural and I pretty much fell asleep.  So yeah..needless to say, the epi wasn’t that big of a deal!  After that I was feeling fine but really sleepy.  All I wanted to do was sleep and they kept telling me to take a nap, but with everyone in the room and my mother-in-law talking non-stop (she was super hyper), I didn’t really get to nap any.

Getting ready for delivery Posing in his birthing outfit

Finally at about 12:30 or 1 or so, I was fully dilated and ready to push.  They kicked everyone out of the room except Rob, my mom, and my mom-in-law.  I decided right before they kicked everyone out to allow my MIL to stay.  Anyway, so I started pushing with the nurse in there and then Dr. Keller came in.  I think Rob was holding one leg and my mom was holding the other and Donna (MIL) was standing off to the side.  I pushed and pushed and Grayden finally crowned but then his heart rate dropped.  They said the cord wrapped around his feet.  Plus he was pretty much stuck in my pelvis and was not coming any further.  That was something we had worried about…that my pelvis was too narrow for him to fit through and sure enough, it was.  So they decided at that time that I would need a C-Section. The only person that could come in there with me was Rob, so my mom and MIL ended up having to go back to the waiting room with everyone else.

So they wheeled me into the OR and transferred me to the table.  That was interesting.  I wasn’t sure how they were going to move me, but they did it.  Funny, I guess they’d done that before. haha While they were getting me ready for surgery, I remember being SOOO cold.  It was like 40 below in the OR.  I was shivering so bad that my teeth were chattering really loud.  Rob stayed up by my head the entire time.  I remember chatting with the nurses and the anesthesiologist (the cute one) while they were operating.  I told them that my shower had only been the day before and I wasn’t exactly prepared for THIS to be the day!  It seemed like the surgery took forever.  And as it turned out, it did because Grayden was so far down into my pelvis (remember he had already crowned and everything) that Dr. Keller had to really yank to get him out.  On top of that, my incision tore (on the inside) and I lost alot of blood.  So finally they got the baby out and off went Rob to cute the umbilical cord and to take pics of the squalling child.

7 minutes old

Minutes old

Picture 028

(He had a cone head for the first day or so..hehe)

Picture 029

Meanwhile, Dr. Keller went to stitching me back up, which took forever.  Then I got sick and started puking.  Unfortunately, I had eaten a bowl of cereal that morning right before my water broke and so that was what I puked up.  Not fun.  The (cute) anesthesiologist held a tiny little bowl next to my mouth and I had to turn my head to the side to puke into that.  Have you ever tried puking while lying flat on your back? Not easy.

It had been quite awhile before I finally got to see Grayden for the first time.

Love at First Sight

(Love at first sight)

Anyway, finally they got me all ready to go and wheeled me back to the room.  Evidently Dr. Keller came out and updated everyone and told them that under no circumstances was I to be upset about ANYTHING because I had lost so much blood and he didn’t want me to start bleeding and end up having to give me blood.  So my mom read everyone the riot act and told them to be on their best behavior and not get me excited.  So in everyone came.  Everyone got to hold him but I still hadn’t got to because my arms were too tired and heavy for me to be able to.  I got to “hold him” briefly while someone (my mom?) held him up to my face.

Picture 032

(I can’t even believe I’m showing yall these pics of me…I hate them so much. I look horrible!!)

Picture 033

Picture 037

I don’t really remember much from that night except that being wheeled into my room (private with another bed for Rob to sleep in).  During my labor and after, I was SOOO thirsty but couldn’t have anything to drink until like 2 that morning.  All I could have was ice chips.  I think that might have been the worst part of it because my mouth was so dry.  I also had a bad reaction to the medicine and it made my face itch like crazy.

Picture 039

Picture 041

Picture 047

Mommy and Grayden

Picture 052

Picture 053

Picture 059

Picture 060

Picture 067

Picture 072

Picture 073

Picture 074

We went home Wednesday afternoon.  I was not looking forward to leaving the hospital because I was scared to take the baby home!

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