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Finding my Niche(s)

September 24, 2010

(Yes, I think in pink.)

When I decided to create a brand new blog, I had several “niches” that I was interested in writing about.  I’ve read many articles that suggest that the best thing to do when creating a new blog is to find your niche and keep the posts in your blog somewhat narrowed to that niche.  So, since I am a rule-breaker by nature, I thought “This is my blog, about my life.  And in my life are a whole pletheria of random stuff to ramble about blog-worthy topics.”  So I decided that my niche is simply…me.  This blog will likely talk about everything and anything.  It will definitely be TMI.  It will definitely be, at times, irreverant.  It will be funny.  It may be sad.  It will be heart-felt and it may even be bitchy.  It’ll talk about my food and weight issues, my laundry, my relationships, my hilariously entertaining 2 year-old son Grayden (who, might I add, is likely to steal the show with his extreme cuteness), my (retarded) dog, my endeavors to find out who I truly am outside of wife and mommy, and my journey to contentedness with myself and my life.  And it’ll surely talk about topics other than myself.  Surely.

So, with that said, my plan is to be food blogger, an exercise blogger, a mommy blogger, a life blogger, and an everything-in-between blogger.  So stay tuned because surely there will be SOMETHING interesting for you to read about.


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  1. Donna Merriman permalink
    September 24, 2010 12:08 PM

    Not only did I NOT get my own niche…I didn’t even get an honorable mention. I’m assuming that this was an oversight.

    • September 24, 2010 12:51 PM

      You’re covered in the “everything-in-between” category.

  2. Donna Merriman permalink
    September 24, 2010 6:43 PM

    If I’m the “everything-in-between”…I must be the glue. I’ll take that.

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